A Day by the Sea

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We bid farewell to Avril and Peter and boarded the train bound for Suffolk. We were looking forward to a few days with friends Danielle and Andy at their home near Woodbridge.

Andy and I have been friends since we met in the early Eighties. Andy was living in Hong Kong and I had just emerged from China after several months of traveling that began in Moscow aboard the Trans-Siberia railway. We’ve done various things together since then, including cycling from Berlin to Budapest via Prague a few months after the Berlin Wall fell.

But I digress.

Today was a day for taking in the English seaside and enjoying a classic Sunday roast beef lunch. We visited the river port at nearby Woodbridge where we saw a mill that uses water power to grind grain in an unusual way. Water is captured behind a dam on the rising tide, then drained to drive a waterwheel when the tide falls.

Later we strolled along the beach at Felixstowe before lunching at the waterfront Fludyers Hotel. The brightly colored tool shed-like buildings in the photo are beach huts. People either rent or own them to enjoy while visiting the ocean. The prices would surprise you.

Finally, after attending a friend’s house-warming, we paid a brief visit to the Ipswich marina just to have a look.

Danielle and Andy’s home in Martlesham.
The water mill is the tall white building to the right. The tiny boat is cute.
Beach huts at Felixstowe
Walking through a waterfront park heading to lunch.

Ipswich harbor and marina.


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