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When my grandfather returned to Kentucky after living in France for two years, friends asked his impressions of life abroad. His reply, “If you’ve seen one cathedral, you’ve seen them all.”

There are days when I would agree with him, but today was not one of those days.

I’m going to skip ahead a bit and return to our trip to Brandenburg later because I want to show you photos of Naumburg Cathedral, a UNESCO World Heritage site in the town of Naumburg.

Where? I know. Who has heard of Naumburg? But the town itself is pretty darned attractive. I’ll include some photos in another post. But first, the cathedral.

The first thing that struck Mary Anne and me was the size of the place. Also, it has altars at both ends, which means that the entrance is in the side. Not the usual arrangement.

I’m not going to give you a history of the cathedral, or explain in detail about the artists who contributed to the stunning interior. You can find more and better information on Wikipedia or Google. Consider doing some investigation.

As you look at the photos, pay close attention to the quality of the human figures carved around 1250. They were done by an artist whose name is lost to history, known only as The Master.

The eastern altar

Choir music

Notice how the backs of the choir stalls are word from centuries of sitting.
The eastern choir stalls

The crypt.

I liked the smug expression on this guy’s face. “I’m going to Heaven.”
Carved alter showing Christ at twelve years old.

The West Choir (western altar)

Some carving extends over a meter into the stone.
The western choir stalls
Patrons of the church
Look closely at the face of the lady. The work is exquisite.

A Manly man from the Middle Ages

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