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Some time in early July – as soon as we can get ourselves organized for another trip – we’ll be heading north from Anacortes into the Salish Sea for about four weeks.

We plan to blow through the San Juan and Gulf Islands quickly as we head toward the Broughton Island group. Never heard of them? Find a map, look for the top of Vancouver Island, then look off the east coast for Malcolm Island. The Broughtons are to the east between Malcolm and the mainland.

To get there, one has to pass through a series of rapids. This is not difficult if you can read a tide table and a chart. But the thought of dealing with rapids seems to cull the boating herd – which is a good thing.

The Broughtons are where the wildlife begins: bears, whales, eagles. So you can expect some nature photos. At least I hope so.

Bonus: if you’d like to see where we are and where we’ve been, you can. Go to my post called “Where’s Impromptu?” for our real-time map URL and password.

Here’s a preview. This photo was taken in Loughborough Inlet, just south of our target for this year.

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