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Did you have story problems when you were in school? Microsoft used to think that the ability to solve them was a good measure of programming ability. Some of their products argue otherwise

Here’s one for you…

Your goal is to transit the Yaculta rapids at slack, that is when the current is not flowing in either direction. The nearest reference point is Dent rapids, which will be slack at 2:57 pm. Further, the reference says that Yaculta is slack five minutes after Dent.

You are at Lund, which is about 50 kilometers south of Yaculta. It takes your boat (my boat, actually) about four hours to cover that distance.

Question: at what time should you leave Lund to be able to transit the Yaculta rapids and emerge safe and sound?

Not really very hard, is it? But people manage to mess up with some frequency.

Now, on to today’s travels.

As we were preparing to depart, a group of native canoeists put on a show at the entrance to Lund harbor. It was great fun. They circled around and around before heading south.

After the show, we joined the happy throngs heading north. One late starter was possibly swimming laps in his on-board pool.

Remember the photo of the tiny tug and how I said that they were used to assemble rafts of logs? We came across a tug pulling a log raft this morning.

Things ar starting to look like the north now. More mountains, more clouds, fewer people, fewer boats. It will get more so from now on.

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