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When I was a kid, I thought it was “anchors away”. It makes as much sense, don’t you agree?

We left Anacortes this morning in dead calm bound for Ganges on Salt Spring Island. Salt Spring is the main commercial center of the Gulf Islands. These, in turn, are the Canadian-owned part of a group of Islands that spans the international border. The US part are called the San Juans.

Ganges was a smooth six hour cruise with a couple of fog banks to lend a bit of drama. We got some practice using Impromptu’s radar to make sure nothing dangerous was lurking in the fog.

We’re hoping to head north quickly, bound for the Broughtons. Light winds and calm seas will help. So far, the forecast looks good. Fingers crossed.

And we’re off…

Washington State ferries look a lot larger when you’re beside them.

We passed the growing collection of restaurants and shops at the Orcas Island ferry terminal.

Here comes the fog!

A couple of hours and a few porpoise sightings later, Ganges. We had a great meal at Auntie Pesto’s restaurant.


  1. Hi, Steve

    Glad you and Mary Anne had a smooth as silk (or fog?) crossing to Ganges; so typical of foodies like you to eat at a place called “Auntie Pestos” – what’s next: “Calla Maries”? One question: lot of little blue boxes with question marks inside, presumably photos – but they don’t seem to want to open when clicked. Advice?

    Bon voyage – D

    1. WiFi at Ganges is terrible. I don’t know how the locals live with it. I had trouble getting the photos to upload last night. They seem to be there now. Try refreshing your browser. Anyone else not seeing the photos?

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