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Today, let’s talk about the Jazz/Rock group from the Seventies, known for such hits as “Spinning Wheel” and “You made me so very happy”.

Just kidding. We’re talking about one of the most accomplished men of the Twentieth Century, Sir Winston Churchill. His actual quote is, “I have nothing to offer but blood, toil, tears, and sweat.”

We visited his home, Chartwell, today and its 86 acres of surrounding property and his painting studio. Yes, besides leading a nation during wartime, the guy could paint pretty well – after things like taking care of Hitler were attended to, of course.

Churchill received many (expensive) cigar boxes as gifts.

The kitchen garden; veggies, herbs, and so on. Churchill helped build the surrounding wall.

Churchill’s studio.
One of my favorites.

A status of Sir Winston and Lady Clementine.

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