Crossing the Frontier

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We’re in France! Specifically, Strasbourg in Alsace. I love France and the French. How can you not love people who value art, cuisine and leisure and put philosophers, musicians and scientists on their currency?

I have a huge post coming up on the Cathedral, but first a few photos I took while hobbling around town today. Hobbling? Sadly, yes. My right foot is inflamed and extremely painful. Not ideal for sightseeing, but a tourist’s gotta do what a tourist’s gotta do. And that’s walk around and look at things.

These last few were taken in St. Thomas church, the biggest Protestant church in France. The Silberman organ, built in 1741, was played by Mozart. The over the top monument is the 1777 mausoleum of a Marshall of Saxony, who clearly thought that he was someone special. I prefer the more realistic view of mortality in the other photo.

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