Does Anyone Really Know What Time It Is?

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Wait, I’ve already done a Blood, Sweat and Tears pun in my Winston Churchill post. Forget that you read this title.

Today, we left Baden-Baden and drove south on Highway 500 right down the middle of the Black Forest (think cuckoo clocks) to Furtwangen. Should you find yourself here, and you won’t because it is in the middle of nowhere, be sure to visit the German National Clock Museum. Assuming you have an interest in clocks, of course.

The museum covers the subject of timekeeping from sun dials to atomic clocks with a very, shall we say, Germanic thoroughness. Of the roughly three billion timepieces in the collection, here are a few that caught my eye.


This nice couple were pretty typical of our museum-going peer group. The first clue was the rack of folding seats at the front door.

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