Mary Anne and Steve's Travels

We ran the Gillard and Dent rapids early and uneventfully, bound for Blind Channel marina. This will be our last stop before heading into the Johnstone Strait and making for the Broughton Island group. Until now, everything has been fairly familiar. But after Blind Channel, it’s all new to us. Fun!

The Internet is getting sketchy, so posts are going to become shorter and intermittent. Here are a few shots of how some folks live on the Islands – a very water-oriented life.

The approach to Blind Channel is, er, “interesting ” because the current can be running at five or six knots. This strange thing just before the marina is a power generating station. The paddle wheels are on the bottom in the heart of the flow. I’ve been told that it’s a prototype for much larger devices. Before they can be deployed, the designers need to evaluate longevity and how to avoid causing harm to marine life.

A few shots of the marina and the amusing artwork it’s known for and that’s all. Except for Mary Anne in a hike through the nearby forest.

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