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Late in the day, our meandering course took us to Karwe, a village on the banks of the Ruppiner See. Once again, we find ourselves at a former large farm. Same story. Post-GDR the property is restored to a buyer with sufficient funds. Maybe the family of the pre-GDR owner, maybe not.

In the case at hand, the farm and its lands have been converted into lakeside housing. Old buildings were modernized when possible, but some were too unstable. That was the case for the old stable where Siegi and Margit now live. Theirs is a new building designed to reflect the old one it replaced.

Apartments built in the style of the old stables.

Used as workers’ vacation cottages during the GDR, these simple unheated structures are now private holiday cottages.

A local kindergarten and a detail from its cheerful front.

A regional bike ride was happening on the day we were in Karwe.

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