The End of the Road

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Unless a road is a loop, it has to end somewhere, right? Well, Highway 101 which runs from California to Oregon to Washington to British Columbia ends here, in Lund.

Want to drive further north along the BC coast? Tough luck. It’s all boating from here on.

We’ve stopped at Lund a few times heading north or south. The prime reason for stopping was Nancy’s cinnamon buns. And they’re reason enough. But this time for logistical reasons that are too boring to go into, but involve slack tide at the Yaculta rapids, we decided to grab some space on the community dock and settle in for the night.

Lund is small and for people who arrive by road, probably lacking in First Class attractions. But if you’re on a boat, the ability to dump garbage, recycle, fill the water tanks and buy a few supplies, makes Lund seem like Manhattan. And there are the cinnamon buns.

When we set off from Pender Harbor this morning, remnants of the previous days rainstorms were still present. But who really cares about rain? Wind is what counts and there wasn’t any.

You may have to look closely to see it, but can you see a breakwater in front of the buildings in the distance? We are looking at something kind of amazing here in the old part of Powell River, BC. The breakwater, which forms a barrier that protects whatever is inside of it from the waves on the outside, is made up of old ships. Big ones. I wish I had a better picture, but there are limits to an iPhone telephoto lens.

After.finding dock space, we explored the wonders of Lund.

And, after exploration and shopping…

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