The Southwold Pier

Mary Anne and Steve's Travels

Amusement piers are a traditional, if fading, feature of British seaside resorts. You can generally count on them to offer food, much of it Junk, arcade games, souvenirs, and some unexpected joys.

In Brighton, I once found a doughnut-making machine that included a mechanical hand that flipped the doughnuts over midway through the cooking process.

At Southwold, we found a shop filled with ingenious one-of-a-kind coin operated games and a clock that featured two fellows who pee on each other every half hour.

Betty at the head of the pier.
A long view of the pier.
Arcade games. You will never win the big toy!
The water clock. Stick around to see the two fellows drop their trousers and pee

Inset a coin and the doctor will listen to your heart and write a prescription.
Wooden dog produces wooden poo.
Cross a busy highway using a walker. Harder than it looks.

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