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We had to cheat a little on the “run rapids at slack” rule in order to get to the Broughtons today. We hit Green Point rapids about an hour before slack and ran with the flow. Nothing eventful and it was nice to get a push along our way. We then hit Whirlpool rapids after slack but before much oncoming flow developed.

Our reward was a smooth entry into the Johnstone Strait on a picture perfect morning.

We ran up the Strait for about 20 kilometers, then turned into Port Harvey for the night.

This is a sad story. George and Gail, a hard-working and friendly couple ran the marina at Port Harvey. Visiting boaters loved the place and loved George and Gail. The simple restaurant served good food for those not eating aboard. And if you showed up with a red shoe, a free homemade dessert was yours. Few could leave in the morning without taking at least one of Gail’s fresh-baked cinnamon buns.

George and Gail were full of plans to make the marina nicer and more fun. Then George died in his sleep.

What’s left behind is what I call a Zombie marina. It’s not alive because Gail is no longer there. The restaurant is closed, there’s no water, fuel or power available. But boaters are welcome to stay for a nominal fee collected by a friend of the family.

Visitors tell tales of George, his stories, and how much he’s missed.

What’s left behind is poignant. The restaurant expansion that will never be finished. A new lawn mower sitting in the grass, where it will likely rust and die. A rest area for guests with a homemade railing not quite finished.

I never knew George. Can you miss someone that you’ve never met? I think I do.

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