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Poof! Just like that, and a few tons of carbon in the atmosphere later, we’re back in Seattle. Since this blog exists primarily to share travel photos with friends and family, I’ll be going silent until our next trip begins some time in July.

But before then, I want to share a few photos from this trip that I found interesting but didn’t seem to merit an entire post. I hope you enjoy them.

I’m flattered that other bloggers have liked some of my posts. Your own blogs are well-done and interesting, so thanks. My aspirations are small. I’m mostly looking for a non-privacy-invading alternative to Facebook as a way to let folks see where Mary Anne and I have been.

I found this sign at Felixstowe amusing. It seems so British.

Here’s a charming local institution in Southwold. I only noticed the “No Photos” sign after taking several pictures.

Also in Southwold, a cute shop that might be trying a little too hard.

On our way back to Berlin from Siegi and Margit’s holiday house, we stopped at Ribbeck. We hoped to get some of the famous local pear cider, but were too late in the day. We had to settle for attractive scenery and a stork sighting.

A small, but typical market in the attractive square in Weimar.

A little bit of home in the Main river valley.

A drink station along the course of the Würzburg marathon. This brought back memories for me.

We stopped briefly in Epernay – the heart of Champagne country. The Tour de France will be passing through this year. It was fun looking at the photos of famous cyclists from years past, including the first American to win the Tour, Greg Lemond.

The attack swan of Vertus and Mary Anne beside a tiny car.

A pretty walk along the meandering Loire near Orléans with Martine. The houses are old mills.

A rainy day visit to a chateau at Chilleurs-aux-Bois. The chateau had one of the weirdest exhibits ever: the history of personal hygiene.

The golden “egg” pendant is clever. It unfolds into a set of tiny compartments used to hold pleasant-smelling substances. One opened it to take a whiff when necessary in order to ward off disease.

The oriental-looking person is a wallpaper detail.

Seen enough cathedrals? Me, too. Remember what my grandfather said?

But – we have to see a little of Chartres. Notice the famous “Chartres blue” in the windows.

The unexpectedly interesting town of Vernon near Giverny.

And finally, a few photos of Paris. There’s no rhyme nor reason to what I photographed. They’re just things that caught my eye as we walked around town.

The first two photos are one of the restaurants in Printemps (there are at least five!). Some ceiling, eh?

“Le Coq Rico” in Montmartre has the best poultry you are ever likely to eat. Not expensive, reservations essential.

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