1. Is that tequila + GT’s gingerade kombucha?!? I missed cinco de Mayo yesterday, so I guess I need to drink TWO of these today.

  2. HOLA! HOLA! HOLA! Lord God Almighty . . . !

    There is no truth to the rumor that my maternal grandmother, Margaret,
    was responsible for the invention of the Marguerita!! In spite of the rumors . . .
    She just spent a lot of afternoons, evenings, and maybe even the mornings in her later years
    perfecting the recipe–to which success I, as a young eye-witness (mouth-witness?)
    can attest! Practice makes perfect!

    I tend to use Betty Gedney’s Marguerita recipe. The fateful night Betty turned on the full kitchen
    blender without the top screwed on . . . at all . . . was a memorable event in indoor lawn sprinkling!! Second only to a certain Carrot Ginger Soup Debacle! Or the Fresno Great Mustard Incident!
    Have a wonderful day, youse!
    Love, MEB

    1. Michael! I thought of you the other day when I saw that a friend is working on the Première Arabesque.

      We just finished a nice dinner aboard Impromptu – sans blender or carrots.

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