A Big Deal

As we left Port Gamble this morning for the short trip to Kingston, we found ourselves a part of the floating circus that forms whenever a submarine leaves harbor.

We were hailed by the gunboat to the left of the photo and “asked” politely to keep 1000 yards away from the sub. No problem. It’s not like we were planning to cruise over for a closer look.

The sub itself – a little hard to see in the photo due to its low profile and inky black color – had a tender on either side. Coast Guard vessels and fast inflatables with scary guns on the front buzzed around. Quite a spectacle.

Once we got clear of the sub, we turned south and docked at Kingston where we had another rendezvous with Denny, Diane, and our former boat, Fiona Bean,

Here are a couple of photos of the nice park adjoining the Kingston marina and ferry landing.

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