We returned from a walk around Blake Island today to find this guy sitting on top of our bimini. That’s the fabric cover over the cockpit. The cockpit is the open area at the stern. That’s the aft section of the boat. That’s the back.

Try as I might, he could not be convinced to leave. I got within a couple of feet to take this photo thinking to scare him off. But instead, I got the evil eye and a defiant attitude. Eventually he left, but not without leaving a deposit on the freshly cleaned bimini.

I noticed something while motoring from Poulsbo to Blake Island this morning. Perhaps you see it as well in the photo above. You can tell when someone owned a parcel of land and sold it to a developer. Notice how many houses are crammed into the square section in this photo. I’ve noticed this before.

Blake Island is both a State Marine Park and the site of a pretty interesting Native American presentation. If you find yourself on the Seattle waterfront with some cash, you can take an excursion to the Island to have a nice salmon lunch and a show that includes some story-telling and dance. We brought British friends here years ago and I think they enjoyed it.

Not a lot going on now, of course.

Here are a few photos taken on the four mile walk around the Island.

The Vashon Island ferry terminal off the south end of Blake.
Weird how these trees spawn branches that loop back into the tree.
The Seattle skyline seen from the north end of Blake. Can you spot the Space Needle?

And finally, from the News You Can Use department:


  1. I intend to get to Blake Island someday! Now, Vashon . . . is another matter! 65 times in one year, to deal with “Aunt Rosie” and Uncle Bob. I do hope to visit there again someday! Any Orca sightings?

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