Sometimes a theme for a post fails to suggest itself. This is one of those times. I just want to share a few photos from various places we briefly visited.

Here are two from Jarrell Cove Marina. The shop is noted for selling Hawaiian shave ice, better known hereabouts as snow cones. These are, presumably, more of an attraction now than in January.

The marina maintains a very pleasant picnic area.
This is an exceptionally well-maintained 1993 Ranger Tug 21. To my eye, this is a much more interesting boat than the current crop of Rangers.

We stopped long enough at Stretch Island Marine Park to discover that the “park” consisted only of a short bit of beach.

The highlight was this rather spectacular hut with two well-sheltered chairs. Can you see Mary Anne?
Just outside the park boundary lay this elaborate camp. It was empty when we came by. All we could see was a sign that said OYC. Maybe a kids’ camp facility for a youth club or an output of the Olympia Yacht Club?

We spent a night At McMicken Island. This tiny Island, a marine park, is connected to Harstine Island by a spit that disappears as the tide rises.

Silly perspective games on McMicken Island.
This teeny helicopter buzzed by very close to the water. Looks like fun!
We set off the next morning at low tide to walk the spit.
The ridge line consists of zillions of shell shards.
We passed a couple digging for Horse Clams. Mary Anne is thrilled to hold one, as you can see.
Looks a bit like a geoduck.
Looking back at McMicken Island from the Harstine Island end of the spit.
Back to our side and ready to move on.

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  1. Nice, we camped at Jarrell Cove a couple of years ago, nice location. The boys were really impressed that 2 local firefighters came out to the camp site with the firetruck. They gave a lesson to all the campers on fire safety and they let all the kids (big kids too -me) use the fire hose!

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