Part I – in which your faithful scribe travels north through the fearsome Tacoma Narrows and down the Thea Foss waterway to Tacoma.

It’s popular among Seattlites of a certain age to poke fun at Tacoma. I don’t get it. What I see is a city that is trying to improve itself – and making good progress. I’ll spare you my opinions of Seattle’s government. Let’s just say that if they manage to redevelop the waterfront into a public space rather than turning most of it over to condo developers, I’ll be amazed.

We tied up at Dock Street marina and discovered that we had the place pretty much to ourselves. Apparently we’re the only ones who missed the memo that almost everything is closed. Nevertheless, the sun came out in the afternoon and we were able to walk along the waterway and over the Chihuly Bridge of Glass into town.

if you’re wondering “What’s the deal with all the glass?”, Tacoma is the home town of Dale Chihuly, the highly successful glass artist. He has helped the city create a kind of “glass district” near the waterway.

A very cool Japanese-style garden where the raked, ridged sand is meant to evoke the sea. The balls, which resemble fishing floats, are made of intertwined sea creatures.
Up to the Bridge of Glass we go.
The Museum of Glass.
The ceiling of part of the Bridge of Glass is filled with works based on the sea. It’s a little like being under water.
Another part of the bridge has a wall of cubbies with individual works. This one reminded me of a Dalek


  1. Mary Anne and Steve – WAIT, WAIT. I’m up in Bellingham, but I’ll be home tomorrow. I would love to pick you up and we could go out to dinner or lunch. It would be so fun to see you. My cell phone is 253-973-4543. I hope that you stay awhile. We’ll eat at Wild Fin or Cooks Tavern and reminisce about YPL.

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