Part II – in which we spend the day exploring central Tacoma on foot and have lunch at a recent addition to the McMenamin brothers’ empire.

We began the day alone in the marina. Later, we were joined by three other boats, so tonight will not be so lonesome.

We crossed over the Bridge of Glass then climbed a long stairway that took us through the University of Washington’s Tacoma campus. At the top, we found this interesting wall squiggle that undoubtedly means something to someone. Also, railway tracks that one assumes (and hopes) are unused.

Walking towards the center, we found ourselves in the theatre district, home to the Rialto and the Pantages.

Street art old and new.

I love the McMenamin brothers and so should you. They have employed countless artists and craftspeople in the conversion of large unused buildings into hotels and restaurants. Without them, any number of public and private buildings in Oregon and Washington might be standing empty, targets for vandalism.

Speaking of unused buildings that could be put to use…

After our walking tour and some relaxation aboard Impromptu, we were joined by friends Helen and George (last seen at their new home in Arletta) and our friend from Yellow Point Lodge, Diane.

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  1. Mary Anne and Steve,
    The pictures are wonderful. Really a nice job. The empty old City Hall Bldg across the street from McMenimens was going to be built into hotel rooms by McMenimens, I believe, but they backed out after some time.
    Dinner was great and I thank you again for letting me join you!

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