Just a brief post to note the departure of our Porsche Boxster S. I always thought it was weird to express love for any kind of a thing, but after eighteen years of ownership and any number of memorable road trips, I was very fond of this car.

But time passes and circumstances change. I’ve thought for quite a while that two people with two garages and three cars was an awkward combination.

So, why not just sell the darned thing?

There are not many eighteen year old cars with 25,000 miles on them. Never been in an accident. Not even a rock chip. I hated the idea of trading the car or selling to a dealer and find it sitting on a used car lot. I wanted to think that, at least for a while, it would go to an owner who appreciated what they bought. So, I’ve been searching in a low-key way for such a person.

And that day finally arrived. The shop manager at the place I’ve been going for service and I agreed on a price. He bought it as a Christmas present for his husband, who sold his older Boxster and has regretted the decision ever since. They picked the car up a couple of days ago. But not before Mary Anne and I took a final cruise down Lake Washington Boulevard.


  1. Sorry for your loss, but looks like you’re ok with it. Letting go can be challenging, I’ll speak to M about the 60 wicker baskets in the basement. Admittedly I don’t have much room to talk!

  2. The folks moving in here next door to me have 3 cars and will now have a carport area for one. He is trying to sell a mini-Cooper convertible. They lived 4 houses from us in Gig Harbor.

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