Another week of projected good weather inspired more self-isolation on the high seas. Once again the challenge was to plan in itinerary that included only uninhabited (or very sparsely inhabited) places.

We began our journey with a two-and-a-half hour cruise to little Jones Island. Jones, which lies just off the western coast of Orcas Island, is a favorite – ours and everyone else’s. It’s usually too crowded to make a stop worthwhile. But under present circumstances, it was pretty much all ours.

We began our visit with a two mile loop walk around the western half of the Island.

Jones is a small Island with harbors on the north and south sides. Each has three mooring buoys and room for some anchoring. Here’s a look back at the northern harbor as we began our loop walk.
Mary Anne learns about the project to restore native trees to the Island.
Some trees really make it hard on themselves!

We continued our visit to Jones the next day by walking the eastern, slightly longer, loop with our Anacortes friends Greg and Marlene.

Marlene and Greg’s boat, Tradition, a Nordic Tug 37 floats in front of Impromptu
Notice the little flowers (at least that’s what I think they are)
Greg, Mary Anne and Marlene practice social distancing while looking across Spring Passage to Orcas Island
This is the harbor on the south side of Jones Island. There’s no dock and you have to be careful of rocks in the shallow water
The Island’s water tower set on the high point between the north and south camping areas
Someone’s artistic arrangement of a bit of deer scull

Jones Island is particularly nice when it’s all yours, but after three days, we decided that it was time to move on.

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