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We hired a car (Can’t say “rented”. This is Australia, mate!) in Sydney intending to make our way north to Gladstone on the Queensland coast.

After several fun-filled days in Brisbane, we were looking for a place to stop before we were due to arrive in Gladstone. Maryborough seemed like a good choice, being a convenient distance from both start and finish. We were there for three days. I could have stayed longer.

This now quiet country town was once the primary immigration portal for non-convicts. Lots of commerce, both human and agricultural, passed through Maryborough. Up until it didn’t.

The first thing to say is that Maryborough was the birthplace of P.L. Travers, creator of Mary Poppins.

No, that’s not where the town’s name came from. The name Maryborough was derived from the Mary River which runs through the town. The river lost its original name when Sir Charles Augustus Fitzroy, the then Governor of the colony of New South Wales, decided to rename it after his wife Lady Mary Lennox.

Mary Poppins – short and not nearly as cute as Julie Andrews
They like the Poppins in Maryborough!
One of many local museums. This one is in the old Customs House, where goods were held until duty was paid.
Nearby, a Military museum with an emphasis on World War I and the tragic ANZAC participation at Gallipoli.
A memorial to the fallen soldiers of WWI. As you walk, you pass a series of statues with synchronized sound that recount the experience.
A series of oddly-organized military items: models of battleships…
…and a Viet Cong flag
The local Steam locomotive club was giving free rides pulled by this replica steam engine. Note the name of the engine: Mary Ann
We were just in time to hear the Noon gun fired. It was loud.
Aboriginal art. I love this stuff!

So — how come I’m showing you a town we visited in Australia after a post about small museums? Because, to me anyway, Maryborough feels like a citywide museum.

I originally included Maryborough in the Museum post, but it didn’t quite seem to fit. So, here it is broken out into its own post.

There’s nothing fancy in Maryborough, nothing a guide book is likely to write about. But the people are friendly, there’s interesting history, and lots of fun stuff to see and do.

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