It’s that time of year when the Pacific Northwest can have beautiful weather or terrible weather. We dashed to Anacortes and cast off on the promise of three days of sun. I’d say we’ve had a better trip than expected with glassy calm seas, sun and no crowds.

We’re currently hiding out for a couple of days at Roche Harbor waiting for some strong winds to blow over. It’s a pretty nice place to wait for the sun.

Mary Anne at home preparing for the trip. She keeps a set of specialized To Do lists on a collection of scraps of paper. Like a bumblebee flying, it works, but it’s hard to believe that it does.
This, to me, is the perfect holiday house: small, attractive, in a beautiful isolated setting.
Hanging out in Shallow Bay on Sucia Island with friends Marlene and Greg in their Nordic 37.
The First Mate passing time while we travel from Sucia to Roche Harbor on San Juan Island.
One of the private homes that have sprung up in the development hovering over Roche Harbor. I’ve been told that designers from Disneyland were involved. Greg and Marlene have met the owners and report that they are very nice.

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  1. Did you get up to After Glow Vista mausoleum? That place is amazing. I first saw it in 1954, when I was cruising with my Girl Scout Mariner troop. Sucia is kind of magical, isn’t it?

    Have fun. Yesterday was great, but not sure about the rest of this week! It was so nice to see you both.

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