Ever hit your finger with a hammer, or date someone that you knew from the start was totally unsuitable, or buy a disco record? In short, did you ever experience a self-inflicted wound?

Our trip this morning from Blake Island to Gig Harbor was something like this. All me actually. Mary Anne had nothing to do with it.

I wanted to arrive at Gig Harbor around 11:00 on the theory that boats planning to depart would have done so but arrivals would be later in the day. Why care? Because we expected to have to anchor in the harbor and wanted to get a good spot.

I knew that we’d have to travel south down the Colvos Passage on the western side of Vashon Island and I knew that we’d be running against the current. What I didn’t know is that the current would be so strong that for the last couple of miles we probably could have walked faster than Impromptu was moving!

No matter. That’s in the past and lesson learned. Above is a shot of Mt. Rainier taken as we approached Gig Harbor at a snail’s pace. Below are a couple of photos of the snug harbor itself. Note the gondola.

Mary Anne contacted old friends Helen and George who kindly invited us for a light dinner on the site of their new house. They even provided transportation to and from the harbor.

We look forward to many more gatherings at this fantastic house on the water at Arletta.

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