After leaving Stuart Island, we paid an overnight visit to Garrison Bay at the northern end of San Juan Island.

Much of the land surrounding the bay is private, so no shore access. But on one side is San Juan Island National Historic Park. We like to go ashore at English Camp and walk to the top of nearby Young Hill.

The blockhouse: intended to defend the camp from an attack that never came.
The camp cemetery. Four died of drowning and one was accidentally shot by his brother.
That’s Garrison Bay in the foreground and Canada in the distance.

Are you wondering about the title of this post? It refers to this guy, a Barred Owl I believe. He was watching us walk down the trail from his post on a nearby tree. From a distance, he was almost impossible to see.

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  1. Enjoy reading about your boating excursions.
    We have had a large Barred Owl visit our Beech tree 3 or 4 times this past Fall. Probably checking out the smaller birds around the bird feeders. However, the small birds escape into the Black Bamboo grove close by when a predator comes to visit!

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