”Hey, let’s check out the Holiday lights at the zoo.”

”What if it rains?”, said no one in Phoenix ever.

There’s nothing special here, just a holiday light show at the zoo. Lots of cities have them, Seattle for example. The difference is being able to stroll the scene with the temperature in the mid-seventies.

I took a few, well quite a few, photos of things I liked. First are general scenes, then animals made of lights, and finally animals with lights inside.

Entrance tunnel – cool!
If they really have a dragon at the zoo, I’m coming back!
Likewise this guy.
The Eye of Sauron?

Tired of foot and dry of mouth, we headed to Rough Rider, a newly opened speakeasy in downtown Phoenix. Good food, exceptional cocktails, and a bit of a puzzle to find. Only one car in the bank of elevators will take you to this secret underground location.


  1. Looks like fun. Boys have been to the zoo lights here but not me.
    Great idea for the speakeasy with the secret elevator! See you soon, snow is coming! B

  2. Thanks for sharing these. Those pictures are fabulous. That was clearly a top-notch creative team. Speakeasy sounded great, too.

  3. Well….that took someone a couple of hours to set up!

    ps speakeasies are all the rage now, but don’t tell anyone

  4. It’s beautiful, and I love the animal photos. Thanks so much for sharing, Steve and Mary Anne. I’m living vicariously through you at the moment, so am really enjoying your posts.

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