Every now and then I decide to fill one of the many gaps in my education by reading a well-known book.

Some were washouts. I will never finish Moby Dick. Others were time well spent. Thank you Hemingway for A Farewell to Arms. Thank you F. Scott for The Beautiful and Damned.

I recently picked up a short book that is chock full of practical advice for a young man or woman on the way up.

The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli will prove itself invaluable should you find yourself charged with ruling a City-State or a small Principality. If that’s not your present situation, there are still lessons to be learned to help guide your way through the working world.


  1. Ooh! Cool! Just turned 30 clocks back. I feel like I run a city-state,
    or at least a small castle . . . can I borrow it when you’re done??

    1. Unlike a real book, I can’t loan my eBook copy to anyone even though it cost as much as a paperback. Besides, it may prove to be a frequently-referenced tool for dealing with uncooperative people.

      Suggestion: Why not just set one clock back 30 hours? Save effort!

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