Do you have the Roadside America app for your phone? You should if you like finding quirky stuff as you travel. That’s where I found Camel Rock and that’s where I found this jewel.

This collection of, well, “stuff” sits beside the highway with no explanation of who collected it or why. The app says that the collector is a retired laser specialist from Los Alamos. We didn’t see a soul.

That’s a complete diner in the background. If you peek through the windows, you’ll see racks of milkshake glasses, a griddle for frying burgers, and so on.
These are about the earliest type of gas pump – totally manual. The operator would pump the desired amount of fuel into the glass at the top – notice that it has a measuring stick to say how many gallons are pumped. Then the measured amount is released and it flows through the hose into the car’s tank.
Nicer examples
Lord knows how the Blues Brothers got here!
An early bike light generator.
A tiny sleeping compartment with cooking and food storage at the back.
Note the price per gallon! They couldn’t imagine gas ever costing a dollar.


  1. Exzellent! Where is the Exhibition? What is the Name of the App? We Hope to come to USA after COVID 19 Time. We Hope you all stay healthy. Greetings from hat Summer days in Brandenburg from Margit and Siegi

    1. Hi Siegi! The app is called “Roadside America”. It’s available in the iOS App Store. The exhibition has no name that I’m aware of. It’s on New Mexico Highway 68 in the tiny settlement of Embudo about 30km south of Taos. The display is right beside the highway, so you can’t miss it.

      If you get to Taos, do not miss the Earthships, also nearby.

  2. Thank you again for some fun, fun pictures, Steve. Alas, the border is still closed and we can’t get to YPL, sigh. Had hoped to see you guys.

    Can someone not on your blog list still look at these pictures? I want to send them on to my son in Brussels. He would enjoy them.

  3. That is a huge lot of Americana, right there! Fascinating, but sad so much of it is in rusted condition.

    1. I kinda think he bought a lot of it in the condition shown. Maybe like a lot of “collectors” he has plans to fix it all up “soon”. Or maybe it’s simply saving it from the junk yard. There are some signs of vandalism, like a broken side window in the diner. Maybe someone wanted to get in and make themself a milkshake?

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