Let me begin by denying that we would ever plan to lunch at a bar frequented by real bikers. Our bar, in Cave Creek, AZ is favored by the more genteel kind of biker, the one who buys a new Harley, adds $15,000 of extra chrome, and never, ever gets it dirty. You may think I mock these guys, but they are much safer to be around.

Anyway, the hike. We found a five mile hike rated “moderate” in an area to the northeast of us that sounded interesting. It’s called the Spur Cross Loop. Trouble is, the Spur Cross trail is not a loop.

At the first junction, we turned left instead of right and transformed our five miles into eleven-and-a-half and our 465 feet of climbing into 1254.

Nevertheless, it was an attractive and interesting hike. Too bad we finished our water at the five mile point, sure we were almost done. Sometimes you get older without getting smarter.

Much of the hike was in relatively green terrain (OK, this is Arizona, so “green” is not the same as elsewhere) surrounded by attractive hills.

The difference between this hike and some others are the grasslands. The landscape seems “softer” when looking at tall stalks waving in the breeze.

I recently said that I had not seen red thorns on cacti in the wild. Here’s one now. I bet I’ve seen them before and just didn’t notice.

Look! A lake!! ????

Actually, it’s man-made by means of a small earthen dam. The water collected is used to water cattle.

I’ll end with this photo of The Three Amigos.


  1. Good for you both! Elevensy miles is a major accomplishment for those of advanced years. How many days did it take? And why is Mary Anne always so much in front of you?


  2. Two items;
    1- I kinda like dive bars, bikers can be ok but sometimes you have to watch what you say.
    2- no one should be allowed to raise cattle in the desert!

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