I suck.

”Home” is an important part of the Heard – a window into the past of several important tribes. You can examine the clothing, customs, arts and crafts of each tribe. It’s interesting to see what they share and what makes each tribe unique.

Sadly for you and the reason I suck (in this instance), I did not make a note of the tribe associated with each photo. The best I can tell you is that the Apache were last and their style seems very familiar. I think most Western movies based their Indians on the look of the Apache.

You’re going to have to put the Heard Museum on your bucket list if you want to fully experience the excellent Home exhibit.

Most display cabinets show pieces from different time periods. You can often tell the earlier from the later by the level of detail and finish.

This bowl is contemporary. It caught my eye because the design reminds me of depictions of sea turtles found all over the South Pacific.

A close-up of a box made of solid silver. It’s about eight inches long.

Dolls are not playthings. Well, I suppose some are. But in general, they represent legendary and spiritual concepts.

This is a Hogan, the primary dwelling of the Navajo.

A collection of Akimel O’otham baskets. Notice the relative simplicity of the older one.

A frame for weaving baskets.

Here we have the Apache.

This is an Apache war shield. If you were slogging your way across the plains and saw a group of fellows heading your way wearing these, you could bet it was not going to be a good day. For you.

Home is a permanent exhibit at the Heard. My meager photos do not do it justice. Come if you can.


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