Todos Santos (“All Saints”) sits near the Tropic of Cancer on the Baja’s western shore. At one time it was a major sugar cane processing center, but that was over by 1950.

Thanks in part to the government paving the highway, the town is today thriving as an agricultural center and emerging tourist destination.

Attractions include Mission Santa Rosa de la Palmas which was founded in 1723 and the Hotel California, which is one of several attempting to ride the coattails of the well-known Eagles song.

Everybody sing, You can check out any time you like, but you can never leave.

Ah, good times. But where was I?

Oh yeah… Besides the mission, restaurants and shops and the plagiarizing hotel, Todos Santos is home to a number of artists. Some, like Ezra Katz, whose work we own are in residence part of the year, others are full time.

Come and have a look at Todos Santos for yourself. It will make a nice change from doing Jell-O shots in Cabo.


  1. The Eagles (ick) and Jello shots in Cabo (double ick) – I’ve experienced both – Steve Dahling you make me laugh so hard!!

  2. Really enjoy that area around Todos Santos and San Jose del Cabo!
    Missed it the last couple of years due to Covid!. We like Villa Santa Cruz but they have grown since we were last there!

  3. Thanks for the interesting history lesson and post, Steve. The works of art look absolutely beautiful! Lovely photos. Enjoy!

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