This post is just a slide show. It begins at Ragged Point at the southern end of the drive and ends at Carmel to the north.

How was it? I imagined a twisty road amidst attractive coastline. I was not disappointed. For those inclined to spend multiple days in the area, there are countless beautiful white sand beaches, plenty of campgrounds, and lots of luxe and not-so-luxe accommodation. The Wikipedia article has more to say.

If you zoom into this photo, you can learn a bit about the construction of the highway. Summary: it was difficult.

After our day of tours at Hearst Castle, we spent the night a few miles north at the Ragged Point Inn. It was expensive, poorly built and some staff bordered on rude. No, I would not recommend it. Stay south of the Castle in Cambria or head a little further north.

Just me playing around with my new camera.

And so, we are off! The coastline is certainly attractive, but to a guy who grew up with easy access to the Oregon coast, I wouldn’t say Big Sur is more attractive. What is special is its length; 71 miles of undeveloped coastline.

No, these are not rocks made of marble or limestone…

…they are rocks “visited” by a whole lot of birds!

I forgot to note the name of this small peninsula with what might be Coast Guard facilities at the top. Let’s just call it Mont Saint Michel.

The Tradewinds; a Zen place in Carmel-by-the-Sea. As nice as the Ragged Point Inn was disappointing.


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