We took a day trip to Wikenberg, an historic Arizona town. Some say that the old town center is the main attraction. Perhaps so. But the major organized attraction is the local museum.

I planned to write a post about the museum as a whole. Then I realized that the art and craft represented by boots and saddles – both highly personal yet functional items – deserved a small post of their own.


  1. That was wonderful, beautiful, and over-the-top! (And under the bottom . . . )
    I have forwarded some of this to my shoe repairman, with the dangerous possibility
    that my Pradas, when next resoled, will be returned dyed another color and emblazoned with bucking
    cowboys, desert roses, and beaded toes-es!
    Visi d’arte! xoxo

  2. Thanks so much, Steve. The leather work on the saddles is beautiful and so creative. And the boots are very interesting and unique too.

  3. Incredible leather work. I am intrigued about why the artist made the blue patches on the one set of boots a different size and has the letter A on one, yet the other is plain. I am sure I will never know.

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