Cabo San Lucas, were Gringos flock to flirt with alcohol poisoning and each other, lies at the southern tip of the Baja.

I find it fun for a while, but not for days on end. Not that I’m against Mexicans earning a living. Those all-you-can-drink sightseeing cruises aren’t going to run themselves.

So no, we did not go to the Jell-O shot capital of the Horse latitudes. Rather we met friends Diane and Denny in San Jose del Cabo, roughly midway between the other Cabo and the airport. It’s an excellent place to relax, talk to locals, and make snarky comments about other peoples’ vacation choices.

We stayed, as we always do, at Casa Natalia, a small hotel beside the town plaza.

Mary Anne waits in the Reception area
The bar and restaurant
An “artistic” photo of a wall. The town plaza is in the other side.
The pool and rooms.
Looking back towards the restaurant, bar and reception.
Denny and Diane, current owners of Fiona Bean, relaxing in front of the hotel.

A (very) few photos taken while wandering around town.

There always seems to be something going on in the plaza at night. It can seem deserted by day, but in the evening it’s the town’s social club. This photo was taken around 10:30 as things were winding down.

There is an Art Walk every Thursday night. In past years it was pretty much constrained to the dozen or so legitimate galleries in town. Now vendors, sensing an opportunity, fill the plaza with almost everything you can imagine.

Tourists come from up and down the coast for the Art Walk. The galleries used to offer free drinks, but that has mostly stopped.
But tequila shots are still offered at Frank Arnold’s home/gallery.
Sage is one of several higher end restaurants that have opened since our visit five years ago.

Well, that’s it. My apologies for offering such a random set of images. I only took a photo when something caught my eye. Hope you enjoyed what you saw.


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