On the Road: Part 2

Between the Escalante and Zion, we passed through one of my favorite Utah attractions, Red Canyon. Mary Anne and I drove through this area when we visited Bryce Canyon in 2013.

Red Canyon is small but has some really pretty scenery. Here are a few examples.

I‘m messing with the timeline here because what I’m about to show you happened after we left Zion heading to Sedona. These few photos didn’t warrant a separate post.

We stopped for a picnic lunch in Page, Arizona. When we were here in 2013, this was a view of Lake Powell. The lake, as you may know, was created by damming the Colorado river. You may have read about how low the water level is due to lack of precipitation. See for yourself.

If you look carefully through the picnic bench sun shade, you will see an entire marina stranded on dry land.

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