Albayzin is the old Moorish section of town. You remember the Moors, right? They were the Arabic folks who nipped over from Africa to bring arts, sciences and Islam to this area. Then the Christians came, destroyed all the mosques and build churches on top of their remains. So goes the ”Religion of Peace and Love.”

Today Albayzin is the territory of hipsters, hippies, tourists and thieves. The latter, combined with the maze-like labyrinth of narrow streets, makes it a place better visited before dark.

We took advantage of the best weather so far and spent most of the day exploring. When I saw something I found interesting, I took a photo. Many require no explanation. There are a lot of old doors and a few examples of the beautiful patterns in the streets and footpaths.

The ”New” gate, built in the 11th Century.
A man watches action in the plaza from his balcony.
St. Nicolás: spare and modern.
Looking down into the newer sections of Granada.
That’s the Alhambra across the valley.
The Great Mosque of Granada. Islam returns after a hiatus of 500 years in 2003.
Interesting ceiling in a visitors area outside of the mosque.
Fountain in the garden outside of the mosque.
The wall in the middle distance was begun in 600 BC.
“Tree of Balls”
A view of the Alhambra at the end of the street.
Looking up at the Alhambra. We visit tomorrow. Expect photos.


  1. Wonderful photos! Thank you!

    FYI- my last night in London is being spent at White House Hotel!! In Earls Court. No, I’m not going back to being a chamber maid!

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