We followed Highway 1 along the California coast to Half Moon Bay where we had lunch and encountered the spectacular, shortened VW bus shown above. It is so Californian!

After lunch, we continued until we approached San Francisco where we joined the larger Highway 101. After a long, slow trip through San Franciscan traffic, we crossed the Golden Gate Bridge bound for Healdsburg where we spent the night.

The next day, after a stop at a winery (how can you not?) we continued north on Highway 101 to Crescent City. Then it was out of California into Oregon, where we spent the night in North Bend. We pressed on the next morning to Reedsport, where we turned east on Highway 38 towards Eugene.

We spent most of our time in Monterey at the aquarium; located in the Cannery Row district along the waterfront. I doubt that any fish canning happens there now, but there’s a lot of tourist activity.

This is Monterey Bay where once upon a time the writer John Steinbeck and his friend, the scientist Ed Ricketts, headed to Mexico aboard the hired fishing boat Western Flyer.

Just across the Pensula and past the famous Pebble Beach golf course lies little Carmel-by-the-Sea. Yes, they really do to call it that. Most of us just say “Carmel”.

There is a very nice town center surrounded by very nice housing. But to really see the attraction of the area, you need to head to the water.

We came to the sea because there is a Frank Lloyd Wright house there. Nice location, eh?

Look carefully at the gate. This is typically Frank; a cutout triangle against solid stripes. Decor that costs nothing.

The copper roof, however, was not without cost. Nor was it easy to come by since the house was built during the Korean War and most copper was requisitioned by the government.

Some people call this the “boat house”. Now I see why.

For reasons that no one but the owner knows, the statue at the “prow” can be rotated 360 degrees.

Tor House and its tower, built by the poet Robinson Jeffers.

Another house on another point, this one called the Butterfly House. It was not built by Lloyd Wright.

One of many interesting houses along the beachfront.


We’ve passed through Healdsburg, where I was too busy eating, drinking and wandering the very, very pleasant town to take photos. We’ve also moved out of California and find ourselves at the well-known Cape Blanco lighthouse near Port Orford, Oregon.

Nearby – to the south actually – lies Arch Rock wayside. Not a state park, no camping, but a nice viewpoint.

Here are a few more photos taken along the southern Oregon coast. Perhaps you’ll agree with my opinion that this area is as scenic as Big Sur.

Poof! Again.

This is the newly constructed track stadium in Eugene, Oregon where the World Athletics Championships were recently held.

The University of Oregon’s mascot, who may or may not be named Puddles, flies with the pack.

Now for something completely different.

Back in my university days, I had a group of distinctly not-university friends who lived near Reedsport Oregon. I learned a lot by hanging out with these folks; useful things like “do not make a mixed drink from ouzo and tequila”.

During the early Seventies, between trying to learn what I could about the emerging field of Computer Science and preparing my application to emigrate to New Zealand, I partied a lot with the Reedsport gang. I haven’t seen most of them since.

But every year I get an invitation to attend a weekend-long party (bring your tent) held at the end of a dead end gravel road on 80 acres of woodland owned by one of the couples. There’s a blues band playing, games, contests and, well, some drinking. And other things.

Get a map. Seattle and Reedsport are not particularly close, and we’re usually on our boat or in Europe when the event happens. But not this year. We were going to be driving right by Reedsport on the event weekend. So we stopped by for a while.

I thought Mary Anne might be appalled, but then I remembered that at the same age, she was attending Fraternity parties. Here she is with my old buddy Ric.

Meet Rick and Cindy, who were dating when I knew them 50 years ago. Rick and I went sky diving together on the day when he made his first static line jump and I made my first free-fall.

This is the guy I’ve known the longest, Bob. Although he sometimes looks like he could be the cautionary photo in an anti-drug ad, he’s actually a man of competencies: exotic car mechanic, instrument-rated pilot, and sea captain.

That’s it. Thanks for reading.

We returned to Seattle at the first of August hoping to take possession of Étude, but that was not meant to me. Our current expectation is to be aboard by the end of the month. If that happens, you will certainly hear about it!


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