See what I did there? Through. Yes kids, that’s how cavemen spelled thru.

If you’ve followed this blog for a while, you’ll have seen plenty of flower photos. Many of them will have been taken at The Butchart Gardens. Just in case you haven’t had your fill, I’ve taken a few more.

Fun fact: if you save your admission ticket, you can return the next day for only $3.50. Who knew? I’d never been offered this deal before, but the kindly gent who admitted us from the dinghy dock clued us in. We visited almost everything one sunny afternoon, then returned the next morning to see the sunken garden.

Note: The photos are in no particular order.


  1. It is truly uplifting to read and see pictures of your travels, and hear that you got a chance for some late year sailing on your new vessel. It is gorgeous; I wish you many adventures aboard it in the coming years.
    you may really need that escape from the devolving USA periodically, not dependent on a border crossing too.
    the pictures at Butchart Gardens brings back some distant memories when I barely appreciated what I was seeing there, but it involved a rare family visit from the East coast.
    That’s cool that you found out about a back way entrance.
    You may need another sailing break from USA ‘politics’ after spending late year months in Arizona.
    Did you ever get any glimpse of the Queen’s Garden at Buckingham Palace in your travels to Great Britain?
    I hope that is maintained in this new ‘post Elizabeth’ era, but I think a lot will change.

    I look forward to more adventure stories from you, and hope you are both well and happy. Joan

  2. Wow. I also never knew about the $3.50 the next day offer. Barry and I went on Mother’s Day Weekend for the first time in years and got annual passes (as we used to do many years ago, as we visited my parents so often).

  3. Absolutely beautiful! Thanks so much for your lovely photos. The last time I was at Butchart Gardens was at Christmas time a few years ago, and it was lovely, but nothing beats the flower display in the summertime.

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