Excusez-moi, Président Bush, mais vous envahissez le mauvais pays!


Tomorrow we return to France. Mary Anne and I love France, but many ‘mericans don’t. Maybe it’s because the French refuse to go along with some of our less-than-well-thought-out plans.

But we showed them! Freedom fries! How’d you like that, Frenchy?

And if you don’t toe the line, it’ll be Freedom Kiss and Freedom Letter next.

Meanwhile… Let’s look at a few more photos from Bilbao, shall we?

Here’s the lobby of the friendly, well-run Hotel Gran Bilbao.

We took a tram into town and caught the funicular to a viewpoint above the city.

This fence along the edge of the viewpoint, occasionally spells “Bilbao”.

A memorial in the form of a fingerprint to members of the Basque resistance who died fighting Franco.

A house with a great view under renovation and a restaurant probably beyond saving.

Down we go to stroll the center of the new town.

Buildings surrounding the Plaza de Federico Mayua.

A grand entrance to a transit station.

The Ribera market – produce and a dining hall.

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  1. I love these pictures! Please keep them coming. They’re so much better than my screen savers! And your comments are priceless. Freedom Kisses, indeed!
    I kept expecting to see a Bilbaobab tree, But I was disappointed.
    What an insufferable Little Prince I am! Love, MEB

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