Bloomin’ Cactus

Cor blimey! Lord love a duck! I’m gobsmacked, chuffed. I’m streets ahead and sitting up like Jackie!

Sorry for the British-isms. Once I started with “bloomin'” I couldn’t stop!

Unless you live year-round in the Southwest, it can be hard to see flowering cacti. In Scottsdale, they are usually at their peak in June. I’m elsewhere by then because relentless triple-digit heat is not my thing. Due to a cool and wet start, we got some early flowers this year.

There are a ton of pictures here. Not all are cacti; some are other kinds of flowering desert plants. They’re all pretty, though. See if you can identify each type of cactus or bush.

OK, these aren’t in bloom, but they’re odd enough that I couldn’t resist including them. The saguaro is included because of the weird growth at the top. The second is an unusual variety (at least to me). If you look closely at the last photo, you’ll see a mother mourning dove and her chicks taking advantage of this oddly-shaped saguaro.

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