I know, I know, I know. Another day, another damned walled medieval city. But look, the Medieval period went on for a long time, plenty long enough to build a lot of these places. And even though they’re similar, there are enough differences to make each one interesting. Carcassone, for instance, has lots of pointy-top towers and a plethora of gargoyles.

Walk through the narrow lanes and think of the Dark Ages, when wealth was concentrated in the hands of a very few who made whatever laws suited them no matter what most people wanted. Everyone else was struggling to put food on the table.

No, wait… That’s the wet dream of today’s Republican Party.*

Moving on.

Carcassone impresses from a distance, for sure. This photo was taken about halfway from where we had to park the car. Friggin’ tourists!

As we began the climb, we came across a restaurant specializing in octopus. Given what we now know about how strange and wonderful these highly intelligent creatures are, I’m starting to have qualms about eating them. But I did like the homemade metal one over the door.

As promised, lots of pointy tops on lots of towers.

We enter through a gate, past the usual vendors of plastic swords and ice cream, to find ourselves at St. Gargoyle.

We stopped to admire this nicely restored, and very old, former private residence.

This shop seems to be selling human feet.

Bonus! A few more towers on the way out.

* Before you dismiss this claim, do three things:
1. Verify the percentage of Americans who favor unregulated or lightly regulated abortion.
2. Count the number of red states that have passed laws that effectively outlaw abortion.
3. Check the data on distribution of wealth before and after the Reagan presidency.

One Comment

  1. Pointy Towers–GOOD!
    Gargoyle Plethorae–GOOD!!
    Human Feet Vendors–Oh Rock-a my SOLE!
    Octopus Eaters–Hmmm.
    I’m so glad to be vicariously on this trip with you two!!

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