We’re moving!

We’ve been looking for several years for the right place outside of the city. It’s been difficult because there’s a lot about urban life that we enjoy. But we either need more of it or less of it, and we’re not prepared to move to Manhattan, London, or Paris.

So less it is. Specifically, Bainbridge Island which is a 35-minute ferry ride from the Seattle waterfront. We’re looking forward to the opportunities that Island life provides: cycling, kayaking, and a home for Étude!

We won’t move until August, so there will be time to say more about the move, the Island, the whole story. In the meantime, we must sell our house, complete a two-month boat trip, and prepare for Bordeaux and Catalonia in the Fall.


  1. Fantastic!! It’s SO beautiful and a perfect home for Etude. I’ll help with your move if you like – Can’t wait to see it!!

  2. Your new home is beautiful. Congratulations! Looking forward to hearing more. What a lovely setting!

  3. What a lovely house and location! I love that ferry–and it looks like there’s plenty of
    “parking” for Etude! Hopefully also for your fabulous piano, Steve, so you can practice your etudes! Well, keep me abreast of new addresses and such, and I look forward to seeing many more pictures! (Mary Anne, does this mean Cathedral Services will now have be live-streamed? I lit some incense today, in a nostalgic way, for our Episcopal heritage . . . ) AND . . .
    wait for it . . .
    are the ducks there good? : )

    Love, MEB

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