I didn’t mention Tumbo Island yesterday because I didn’t expect it to be very interesting. It seemed dull in comparison to Cabbage because it wasn’t covered by screaming paddle board jockeys.

Tumbo is another example of an Island who’s owner deeded his property to the province in exchange for life residency. In earlier times, Tumbo hosted a fox farm for the fur trade (boo, hissj and a coal mine which, perhaps unsurprisingly, flooded. Now, it’s the site of a nice, easy 3-4 mile walk with fine views and an abandoned farm.

Tide’s out!

The site of the coal mine. This looks like a multi-way junction for a pipe carrying some liquid, water probably.

Tumbo has a pair of elevated “levies” that allow foot passage between the two parts of the Island at high tide.

A nice stand of poplar (I think) create a wind break for the farm’s orchard. The sound of the leaves rustling in the breeze was very soothing.

As we approached, I would have sworn that I saw a band of apes crouched around these, let’s call them monoliths. They were hopping up and down excitedly, obviously scared but intrigued. Finally, one ape reached out and laid his hand on the object. Then he started celebrating and threw a large bone way up in the air.

Anyone care to walk to Cabbage Island?

The bay at the far end of Tumbo


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