Let’s get one thing straight at the outset: it’s cahd-e-lach not cad-a-lack. OK? OK! Done.

Today we set forth with something of a jet lag hangover to see what was interesting in the nearby area. If your idea of “interesting” is the BIG SITES, God bless you and I recommend Paris. Mary Anne and I are living in a post-guidebook world these days. That means meandering around with only the most general planning and letting our route reveal what’s interesting.

I’ve said before that it’s easy to admire the French. What’s not to like about a country that values art, cuisine and leisure? And they put philosophers and artists on their money, not politicians.

Now I have another reason to like the French. Once they get to know you, they will cautiously ask about Trump with the same air of concern and sorrow as when talking to a friend about their serious medical condition.

But I digress.

Here are a few photos of things that I enjoyed while wandering through two small villages. There’s nothing spectacular, just some things that make me glad to be in Europe again.

First, Rion.

The head above the church window arch is a reused bust of one of the Roman emperors. They’re not certain exactly which one.

Cadillac is a standard issue formerly-walled city with a busy market square in the middle. We came and went through this old city gate.

Chateau Lamothe de Haux is a short walk from our Chambers d’Hōte. Suzanne told us that they make good wine and would be happy to offer us a taste. After a walk up the hill, we met Valentine (Val-en-teen), great-granddaughter of the woman who purchased the property in 1956. We tasted, we purchased, we returned Chez Suzanne for a nap.

Wine is now stored in abandoned quarries where limestone was once extracted for use in many Bordeaux area buildings, including the Chateau.

The delightful Valentine. She plans to devote her life to the family business, following her mother and other female relatives.

Valentine told us that she painted this V when she was eight years old (in 2008!).


  1. Thanks for your posts. 15 years ago we Made a cycle Tour from Medoc to Villeneuve sur Lot along Garonne River. The small villages with all the vinerys are exciting. Will you Go to Gascogne and Taste Armagnac??

    1. Today we will travel the Dordogne river by canoe from Vitrac to Saint-Vincent-de-Cosse. The journey will be three or four hours and give a good view of the chateaux.

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