It’s cold today. Cold enough to make me want to find an excuse to stay inside. Why not make a blog post? Haven’t done anything worth posting for a while, but there’s always something lurking in the photo collection. But what?

I’m a fan of the shops in small towns. Not so much the shopping, but the look.

I found some photos from our trip to Northern England and Ireland in 2007. Both Irelands, to be precise. It was a great trip because we got to attend a friend’s wedding in Darbyshire and were lucky enough to visit Ireland in the year of the Celtic Tiger. That’s what they called it when both Irelands enjoyed economic prosperity and political calm.

Disclaimer: Uncle Sam’s American Circus is not a shop, but it is a business. I love their tent and just had to include it.

Psssst… The kid’s a fake.

I include the Guinness brewery in Dublin for two reasons. First, I like the photo of Mary Anne playing Vanna White. Second, the document on display in the floor of the Guinness visitor centre is the original lease that Arthur Guinness signed in 1759. It grants him use of four acres for a term of 9000 years at £45 per year. Expensive then, but a great deal today!


  1. As I drink my espresso on my couch with rain/snow falling I’ve so enjoyed your photo tour of the Old World.

  2. I loved the Wedgwood Jasperware blue (lavender, some call it) building!!
    It makes me want to buy another teapot!!
    Wow. 15 years ago? Time for a return visit? Love, MEB

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