Our six-week Canadian voyage ends at tiny Cabbage Island.

I was surprised to find so many people here when we arrived just after Noon. Because there is a sand beach and swimmable water, the place is popular with visitors from the BC mainland and Vancouver Island. They zip across the Strait at ski boat speed, either for a day trip or camping. Kids have a great time doing kid things like riding four on a paddle board.

I’m not looking forward to leaving this country of mostly pleasant, rational people. I don’t relish having to listen to asshole politicians express their “thoughts and prayers” for the victims of the daily mass murder, knowing that they won’t vote to do a damned thing about it. Nor do I look forward to the endless “poor me” quacking from a sociopathic career criminal desperately trying to get elected President so that he can escape his just punishment.

But before the bullshit deluge begins, let’s enjoy a few last photos from little Cabbage Island.

That’s Mt. Baker in Washington State in the background.

Maybe it’s just me, but this looks like an otter standing on her hind legs while cleaning her tail.

That’s Point Roberts in the distance, a tiny bit of the U.S. that has no land connection to the rest of the country. Unless you arrive by air or sea, it’s only accessible via Canada.


  1. Mary Ann & Steve – I have enjoyed your Canadian sailing posts hugely. It has been wonderful to be able to vicariously experience the sublime beauty and nature of this tiny strip of our world. I am thrilled by seeing the mixture of pine forests rising out of the ocean. Thank you for sharing these with us. I hope that this is not the end of these adventures.

  2. I am glad to hear I am rational, if only “mostly pleasant”.

    Loved your adventures and glad we were able to share a small part of them! Come back again (and again), please.

  3. It has been a wonderful trip to have joined you on, from the comfort of my desk chair!
    If I haven’t already, sometime I’ll tell you about driving my stately blue 1975 Mercedes sedan through Customs at Point Roberts–with the Honduran Consul and his wife in the back seat. His official Diplomatic Consular Folio–red, with the Great Seal of Honduras on the cover–made my U. S. Passport look like a postage stamp! It didn’t help matters that he kept whining in a tiny high voice “Help! Help! I’m being abducted!!” XOXO MEB

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