Pssst! Wanna see a hippie?l

Galiano Island is a place where counterculture lives. Catch the free bus to the Hummingbird Pub, and Tommy Transit will hand you a rhythm instrument so you can join in the neverending concert. Rock on as the old school bus tries to make it over the hill. One. More. Time.

After breakfast, you can go to the market and admire fashions last seen at Woodstock.

I say this not to mock the residents but out of pure nostalgic joy. Galiano takes me back to my teen years in Eugene when Ken Kesey and the Pranksters lived just down the highway.

But it’s not all yurts and weed on this penis-shaped island. There are businesses of all sorts and lavish holiday homes belonging to wealthy Vancouverites.

We’ve visited Galiano many, many times. At first, we would either arrive by bike or have them atop the car. We always stayed at the Bellhouse Inn, an old farmhouse owned by Andrea and David (Hi, guys!). It’s a toss-up which was more fun: visiting Island haunts or learning what our hosts had been up to since our last visit.

Alas, all good things end. Andrea and David sold the Inn and moved to the mainland. We meet for a meal when we can.

Our recent visits to Galiano have been by boat, staying in Montague Harbour, hiking, and sometimes hiring a moped to travel further.

We passed this cute little tug as we left Galiano bound for Gabriola Island. What’s he pulling?



  1. Beautiful photos! Thanks so much for the tour. It has been a very long time since we have been to Galiano Island, and your photos are tempting us to go again.

  2. I loved the Rose Campion in the third picture! I can’t tell you how many times I’ve planted that in my garden, plants and seeds. Never grows. And here it grows wild . . . beautiful island!

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