Zaragoza dates back to 14 BC when it was established by the Romans. There’s little left from that period, but there is a spectacular basilica, a Moorish palace, a Goya museum, and enough general interest material to make a stop worthwhile.

But let’s begin with a quick look at our accommodation, one of the best of the trip. We landed in a newly refurbished apartment right across the street from the basilica.

The big deal in town has got to be the basilica. Trouble is, they don’t allow photos inside. Guess you’ll just have to come take a look for yourself. All except Alison and Barry, that is.

Strolling along the riverfront, we found some impressive lions and a not-so-active Nautical club.

Our apartment is on the upper floor of the first building on the right.

Here’s a statue of a native son, the painter and engraver Goya (with bird on head).

What visit would be complete without a stroll through the local market?

Just when I thought we’d seen all the cool stuff, we happened by this old church wall that clearly owes more to the Moors than the Christians.

I’ll end with a puzzle. I saw this statue in the Goya museum. It’s not one of his works, but was part of a section on sacred art. My question is, what’s with the hole? If you have an idea, please share in the comments.


  1. So happy you made it here and posted pictures. Love the Moorish walls.

    We had intended to come here on our trip to Spain last year, taking the train from Bilbao, stopping at least one night, and then continuing by train to Barcelona. Sadly, the train stopped on Sept 30th and we needed to do this on Oct 8th. We waved to the town below as we flew overhead, instead.

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