• Steve

Hippies Make Good

Back at the Dawn of Time (the 1980s), Mike and Brian McMenamin started opening pubs in Portland, Oregon. Being Deadheads, their establishments featured elaborate decoration in the Flower Power style.

A decade later, the brothers hit upon the idea of buying unused public buildings and renovating them as hotel/restaurant/pubs. This was great for all concerned as it reclaimed an otherwise derelict structure and created work for a lot of folks.

We stopped overnight on our way to Eugene at the former Multnomah County poor farm outside of Portland. I took a few pictures, but they hardly capture the scope of the operation. Edgefield, as it‘s now known, includes a brewery, winery, glass blowing, pottery, movie theater, golf course, spa, and outdoor hot pools. And about a half dozen pubs.

Everywhere you look, artists have been at work.


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